Spotless, clear and absolutely pristine, it was.

A beautiful blank canvas.

Immaculate and clean.

It could reflect a lively image of anything, seen, heard or thrown at it. 
Time passed by taking along the blank canvas with it.

Passing through the labyrinths of the world’s kaleidoscope, 
the blank canvas started getting coloured. 
Some acquired and some ascribed. 
Reflections started swaying to voices. 
Shades got darker and at some turns got murkier.

Getting printed under numerous presses and pressures,

stretching to accommodate one more word and one more expression,

striving for followers and following some papers,

the blank canvas started storing stories one after the other and impressions indelible in nature.

Leaving it’s clear, pristine and neutral nature, 
the blank canvas took a sharp turn into the lanes of opinion, schemes, scams and 
many such colours. 
With each turn and in each lane the colours changed, the impressions varied, 
the stories stretched and the intentions emerged convoluted. 

The blank canvas moved at good pace along with time, 
losing its clarity and pristine beauty to the glitter and colors. 
And the blank canvas made its foray in to the sphere of worldly wise.

Tumbling down the bottomless scape, 
trying to scale some scrappers in the ill planned path,
the blank canvas lost its purpose and direction. 
Swinging to the noise of worldliness the blank canvas was blown away to the gush of theatrics.

None to reign in and no thread to hook on, 
assuming the erratic flight as freedom the blank canvas flew aimlessly,
only to fall in the bin of unwanted relics.
The author draws an analogy of life to canvas here. The innocent, clear and charming childhood  
transforms itself  completely dabbed by coloured experiences, losing its sheen.

Col B Shyam Vijaya Simha SM is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, 
possibilitarian, path finder and change catalyst.


It’s there I thought

and will be there, I presumed
the dream castles of life…..mine
and as the wheels of time cruised
crushing and dismantling
the dream castles
sullenly I stood
still ignorant
still unwilling
to know the inevitable
Befall the sky I thought
I’ll reclaim and regain
what went crushed
to my dismay soon
the time wheel
made its appearance at my very door step
with a chariot attached behind
and oh dear!
I gave in.
and the next
I was resting in the chariot
ready to be taken to new fields
for a new role
to build a new dream castle

The author dwells into life, its uncertainty ,the hope and mythical assurance of  next life.

Col B Shyam Vijaya Simha SM is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, possibilitarian, path finder and change catalyst.

Speaker, Speaking and more

    Many of our traditions, customs and in fact scriptures were percolated down from generation to generation through the word of mouth or to put it aptly, through the work of ” Speaking”.

    The Pearls of Wisdom professed by most of the religions were also deemed to be spoken by God, revered sages and saints to their subjects or disciples. This brings to fore the importance of speaking and the speaker. The importance of the speaker who facilitated in etching permanently those thoughts which he professed cannot be gainsaid. It is that speaking prowess of the speaker which bound and glued his thoughts for generations.

    However the question arises, what was the speaker then in those times speaking on? 

     If we observe, almost all speakers were speaking on subjects in which they were masters, in which they were the learned chair, in which they had papers published to their credit, the subject which they studied intently and mastered. So in a way they were the professors of the subject or they addressed people who were their subordinates in their line of duty akin to the managers and leaders of the corporate addressing their employees. 

    This kicks up a storm in the field. So then speaking wasn’t a business or a paid job but was an included art in the package of job description for the positions of leaders or managers. If that be so, then why should anyone invite a speaker, on payment, to their company or institution when they have a team of recruited, well paid, qualified managers and leaders. 

    What are those persistent necessities which compel an organization, group or an institution to invite a speaker? 

Experience Sharing 

  Speakers  are invited to share their experiences in the relevant field. The requirements for a speaker and reasons are as below: 

   Speakers are, preferably, required to be qualified in the field they are speaking about. It is preferred that the speaker should have worked in the relevant field, had some experience,  resolved some issues and imbibed certain lessons in due course.

80/20 Rule 

    80% of the audience will always be well versed, have good know-how and would have received adequate training in the subject any speaker is attempting to speak. The 20% of the speaker’s talk which encompasses his experiences is what the audience looks up to. Speaker’s experience in solving problems, his approach to the issues and way of application of theory to include both in and out of box thinking is what gets the speaker an invite to speak. 

Solution Personified

     Audience can see the person who walked the path and solved the issues. That personal connect gives required impetus with that glowing statement ” if he/she can why can’t I”. Many speakers add on to their talks the success stories they come across or mustered by interviewing famous personalities to give audiences a glimpse in to the path and approach taken by those chosen few and interpretations thereto ( here also its 80% theory put into practice and their 20% experience in translating it into practice) 

    Speakers with their exceptional oratory put across their pearls in most presentable ways that they find their mark in the audiences. Speakers, hence, are invited to share their experiences which cast a spell of affirmations on the audiences thus probing them to continue on their chosen track and also acting as an assurance that success may take a little long but it is there round the corner. 


              Col B Shyam Vijaya Simha SM is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, possibilitarian, path finder and change catalyst.



I saw the Buddha…

I saw the Buddha

I woke up in the morning to that eerie silence and soothing glow of the elegant lamp. The mind started its sprint the moment the eye opened to the theatrics. Holding on to the breath and trying to catch the rhythm I wrestled with my focus to rein in my mind. As I was still toying with the thoughts, I heard a soft creek of bed. Curious to know what it was I opened my eyes to see my wife waking up with a smile. She moved out of the bed and walked into her world. Time kept racing as I was struggling to get to my elusive focus, I saw my wife peacefully easing into different roles with impeccable finessee. As the moon climbed up for his duty and we rolled out our beds to sleep I saw my wife with the same smile even after day long chores.
Amused, I asked as to how does she balance the clutter in the mind, work at hand, the home and more with a fresh and untiring smile.

She said… “I’m at peace with myself. I let go, I look forward, I live the moment, I’m ever grateful to one and all for making my day”.

It dawned on me. Life is simple. Just be there in the moment and enjoy it. All focus comes rushing to you. Be grateful to become lighter and happy. Simple technique which I missed. I felt lighter and enlightened……..
I saw the Buddha up and close…



Know yourself. Be absolutely candid to yourself, With every passing day work to better yourself, Fine tune nuances to scale up from good to better and to best, Stand up and stand out amongst the rest, With every success become responsible, But never forget to be humble, Learn to wade through circumstances, Walk surefooted into coveted expanses, Pursue the “can’ts” to make them “cans”, Stay course on your aims and goals, Be the fiercest critic of your own self, Take the leap of faith and jump the gulf, Walk the wire To achieve what you aspire Have the grit to endure the groove You can …so keep at it and improve

-Col Shyam

“YES” in the Heart and “YES” on the Lips

Most of the times we get so overwhelmed by the thought that we aren’t that good to take up an idea for execution. Most of us feel we don’t have that innate stirring knowhow about many a things in our daily life. It so happens that when we plan to do it, we seem to be plagued down by enormous doubts which cripple our will to pursue our thoughts.

So how do we do a thing or work on a project or plan which we have been nibbling over for a long time. How do we muster that courage to shatter our shackles to pit ourselves in the track. How do we overcome this devastating habit of self doubt. How do we get over this feeling of “why me” and transcend in to that glossy world of “it’s only ME”.

The notion of limits seem to have set their mark so strong and appear to have riveted their plaques on us. So how do we do it?

First and foremost start saying a”YES” to everything. Start the day with a YES in your heart and a YES on your lips. Say “yes” to change your disposition. Say “yes” to take on the new challenge, say “yes” to curb and curtail your self imposed limits on yourself.

Seldom we endeavour to stretch ourselves from focussing on ” what we need” , to that alluring and ever enterprising “what abilities we have”.

Tell yourself a “yes”. Give your mind and senses a “yes” to take on the challenges. So what if you fail…say a “yes” to failure and continue on the path of pursuance of your goal by saying a”yes” again. Take up the first small challenge you want to take a shot on, like say waking up early at 4AM or say going for a morning run or walk, or say enrolling yourself on a course or say writing an article or a book and say a YES to it. If it so happens that the idea doesn’t takeoff as you planned, that’s ok. Be jubilant in saying a YES again to your failure and make a note of it. Say yes to the challenge again and venture out next day or next time. Make it a habit to say YES to yourself.

Say a Yes to your magnificent abilities to learn, to shun parochial thought, to expand yourself limitlessly, to your challenges, to taking the challenges head on  and above all to stand up and giving it a try.

Say a “YES” to making yourself a success.


I thought. To my sheer amazement, it has got nothing to do with states of matter, titrations or flowing dilutions. It’s got only to do with situations, problems, options and…The mesmerizing “Solutions”.
The norm of these days seemingly appears to have got sandwiched between problems and more problems and running around in search of that perceived mirages called happiness and success. Most of us have propelled the meteoric propulsion of fortunes of those   flashy fortune tellers and still reached middle of nowhere. Somehow”solution” seems to flow in streams away from us or at the least to say flows past us. Why me? Has been our perpetual question since eternity. Why not me on that pedestal of glory has been our evergreen dream, which we feel, missing from reality. Chance said some, luck said many and many such names to be synonyms of “solution”.
Isn’t it simple to get that dreamy solution for our problems. Just imagine for a second that what do we get by melting that hard, stony, rock faced problem under sweltering heat of our dedication, planning, systematic approach and hardwork ….Isn’t it the liquid…That elusive “Solution”.
Yes it’s that simple.
We have a host of arms in our armoury and multitude of tools in our magical box called this body and life.  Its our best friend “the mind” which needs to be contacted, passified, honed and cultivated to help us with normal things like focus, concentration, planning, prioritising, preparing and achieving our goals.


The sketch of life looked so alluring, inviting me to work my way through to the destination. With its ever challenging flow in the form of potholes in my path, at many a spots of the sketch, life offered me a package of self learning tools. 

It taught me to jump the holes, skirt them , drive slow, be patient when progress races at snails pace.
It taught me walk, be humble while walking and not get swooned with over confidence, to plan ahead to meet those unseen potholes, work hard to lay the path which isn’t threatened by a multitude of potholes.
It, subtly , made me realise the power of smiles…More so when put down by many and when forced to a fall by another benevolent pothole. 
It taught me  confidence, to be immensely confident on my own self and abilities when all my flags are down and more so when adversity seems rushing to be a blazing victor, Smile with confidence…It said..
Tell the world that you will be back, it said, surfing through those unfathomable, ever appearing and deeply wrecking potholes of life. 
It made me understand the importance of potholes and the growth propelled by them..
It made my life interesting with interlacing some terrific potholes in my journey of life which pulled the best out of me…
It made me self reliant, ever ready patient and a tough nut to crack on a fall…
Potholes, dear life, are your way to guide me, teach me and hone me….
I understand and thank you for a wonderful lesson…The Potholes.


Clumsily, it appears, I walked that once familiar and known street with rustic movements and archaic “culture”.  The “posts” changed places long ago and the path resonated so queer to me. It spelled for me that I’m wandering in the world of “Moonlanders” to spot my Dinosaurs. Things as simple as the daily chores of the world seemed to be “Matrixed” in a different version circling in an unknown orbit. The arena stretched itself on a weird lawn where my arrows are to find their mark in the house of automatics.

In this “artificial(ly) intelligen(t)ce” world I’m the man who is “stone(d)..Aged”



Dancing with devils for that celestial genre,
skilled at skulls and glittering pyre.. the
Weeder with the weed walked the horizon. The slayer of that smirky arrow thrower, holding the lava with a balanced stare..The mystic sits in trance with the world within..The trident the serpent and bovine guarding him..
The sacred syllable reverberating , the holy water rejuvenating..
Duality diving in to that fiery pool of cinders and slag..
Staunch ,serene and oblivious to any fora..
Wielding thunderbolts in a glance sat

The Great Trinetra.

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