I saw the Buddha

I woke up in the morning to that eerie silence and soothing glow of the elegant lamp. The mind started its sprint the moment the eye opened to the theatrics. Holding on to the breath and trying to catch the rhythm I wrestled with my focus to rein in my mind. As I was still toying with the thoughts, I heard a soft creek of bed. Curious to know what it was I opened my eyes to see my wife waking up with a smile. She moved out of the bed and walked into her world. Time kept racing as I was struggling to get to my elusive focus, I saw my wife peacefully easing into different roles with impeccable finessee. As the moon climbed up for his duty and we rolled out our beds to sleep I saw my wife with the same smile even after day long chores.
Amused, I asked as to how does she balance the clutter in the mind, work at hand, the home and more with a fresh and untiring smile.

She said… “I’m at peace with myself. I let go, I look forward, I live the moment, I’m ever grateful to one and all for making my day”.

It dawned on me. Life is simple. Just be there in the moment and enjoy it. All focus comes rushing to you. Be grateful to become lighter and happy. Simple technique which I missed. I felt lighter and enlightened……..
I saw the Buddha up and close…


2 Replies to “I saw the Buddha…”

  1. One of the hardest lessons in life is to let go. It's a life lesson every individual must strive towards. Change is not easy,we fight to hold and we fight to let go. Thank you for the reminder to fight to let go!

  2. Taking a step back now and then and trying to get a perspective on what it is all about is crucial for elevating oneself, at least for a few seconds each day.. very nice read 🙂

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