The sketch of life looked so alluring, inviting me to work my way through to the destination. With its ever challenging flow in the form of potholes in my path, at many a spots of the sketch, life offered me a package of self learning tools. 

It taught me to jump the holes, skirt them , drive slow, be patient when progress races at snails pace.
It taught me walk, be humble while walking and not get swooned with over confidence, to plan ahead to meet those unseen potholes, work hard to lay the path which isn’t threatened by a multitude of potholes.
It, subtly , made me realise the power of smiles…More so when put down by many and when forced to a fall by another benevolent pothole. 
It taught me  confidence, to be immensely confident on my own self and abilities when all my flags are down and more so when adversity seems rushing to be a blazing victor, Smile with confidence…It said..
Tell the world that you will be back, it said, surfing through those unfathomable, ever appearing and deeply wrecking potholes of life. 
It made me understand the importance of potholes and the growth propelled by them..
It made my life interesting with interlacing some terrific potholes in my journey of life which pulled the best out of me…
It made me self reliant, ever ready patient and a tough nut to crack on a fall…
Potholes, dear life, are your way to guide me, teach me and hone me….
I understand and thank you for a wonderful lesson…The Potholes.