It’s there I thought

and will be there, I presumed
the dream castles of life…..mine
and as the wheels of time cruised
crushing and dismantling
the dream castles
sullenly I stood
still ignorant
still unwilling
to know the inevitable
Befall the sky I thought
I’ll reclaim and regain
what went crushed
to my dismay soon
the time wheel
made its appearance at my very door step
with a chariot attached behind
and oh dear!
I gave in.
and the next
I was resting in the chariot
ready to be taken to new fields
for a new role
to build a new dream castle

The author dwells into life, its uncertainty ,the hope and mythical assurance of  next life.

Col B Shyam Vijaya Simha SM is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, possibilitarian, path finder and change catalyst.