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Colonel's sessions are highly energetic, power packed and intriguing with impactful personal experiences.


Learn from the master communicator to inspire, stimulate and lead your teams to achieve extraordinary outcomes.


An adept storyteller, Colonel propels his audience to grow and develop into leaders aligning their objectives.

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Colonel Shyam Vijaya Simha, SM

Col Shyam Vijaya Simha, SM is a paratrooper with rich experience of battlefield operations. An accomplished leader the Colonel is known for his exceptional prowess in change leadership, strategic management, team building, critical analysis and planning. Colonel, a change leader, is fondly known as a "Possibilitarian and a Pathfinder", Colonel works with senior level leaders to develop resilience and warrior mindset for turnarounds in uncertain times.

Colonel is member of PSAI - Professional Speaker Association of India. Colonel speaks on change leadership

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As evident change is the vital element for growth. However we see many around us who aren't comfortable with it. Some even go to the lengths of arguing that change is detrimental to. As a leader you must be breaking your head to understand that inspite of foreseeable growth why dont your team adopt and adapt to change at the first given opportunity? Why is that obstinate resistance to change rather than adapting to it? And yes above all that eternal question which repeats its presence is " if change is so difficult why should one attempt to change at all at the cost of the comfort at which they are now?

Colonel Simha is the change actuator aiding the leaders in ideation, initiating action, developing clear vision and effective goal setting to lead your teams to success in the era of change and volatility

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