Most of the times we get so overwhelmed by the thought that we aren’t that good to take up an idea for execution. Most of us feel we don’t have that innate stirring knowhow about many a things in our daily life. It so happens that when we plan to do it, we seem to be plagued down by enormous doubts which cripple our will to pursue our thoughts.

So how do we do a thing or work on a project or plan which we have been nibbling over for a long time. How do we muster that courage to shatter our shackles to pit ourselves in the track. How do we overcome this devastating habit of self doubt. How do we get over this feeling of “why me” and transcend in to that glossy world of “it’s only ME”.

The notion of limits seem to have set their mark so strong and appear to have riveted their plaques on us. So how do we do it?

First and foremost start saying a”YES” to everything. Start the day with a YES in your heart and a YES on your lips. Say “yes” to change your disposition. Say “yes” to take on the new challenge, say “yes” to curb and curtail your self imposed limits on yourself.

Seldom we endeavour to stretch ourselves from focussing on ” what we need” , to that alluring and ever enterprising “what abilities we have”.

Tell yourself a “yes”. Give your mind and senses a “yes” to take on the challenges. So what if you fail…say a “yes” to failure and continue on the path of pursuance of your goal by saying a”yes” again. Take up the first small challenge you want to take a shot on, like say waking up early at 4AM or say going for a morning run or walk, or say enrolling yourself on a course or say writing an article or a book and say a YES to it. If it so happens that the idea doesn’t takeoff as you planned, that’s ok. Be jubilant in saying a YES again to your failure and make a note of it. Say yes to the challenge again and venture out next day or next time. Make it a habit to say YES to yourself.

Say a Yes to your magnificent abilities to learn, to shun parochial thought, to expand yourself limitlessly, to your challenges, to taking the challenges head on  and above all to stand up and giving it a try.

Say a “YES” to making yourself a success.