I thought. To my sheer amazement, it has got nothing to do with states of matter, titrations or flowing dilutions. It’s got only to do with situations, problems, options and…The mesmerizing “Solutions”.
The norm of these days seemingly appears to have got sandwiched between problems and more problems and running around in search of that perceived mirages called happiness and success. Most of us have propelled the meteoric propulsion of fortunes of those   flashy fortune tellers and still reached middle of nowhere. Somehow”solution” seems to flow in streams away from us or at the least to say flows past us. Why me? Has been our perpetual question since eternity. Why not me on that pedestal of glory has been our evergreen dream, which we feel, missing from reality. Chance said some, luck said many and many such names to be synonyms of “solution”.
Isn’t it simple to get that dreamy solution for our problems. Just imagine for a second that what do we get by melting that hard, stony, rock faced problem under sweltering heat of our dedication, planning, systematic approach and hardwork ….Isn’t it the liquid…That elusive “Solution”.
Yes it’s that simple.
We have a host of arms in our armoury and multitude of tools in our magical box called this body and life.  Its our best friend “the mind” which needs to be contacted, passified, honed and cultivated to help us with normal things like focus, concentration, planning, prioritising, preparing and achieving our goals.