Sanskrit is rocking Germany.

This was the news trending few days ago.

Strange…Isn’t it?

The language of the mythical world(so called) which we conveniently contested many a times, is being professed as a unique and advanced tool of communication.

Denting our sobreity of eulogising English as the “Queen”(‘s) of languages… Which we held on to and propagated after numerous English ruminations which saw Sanskrit slide and brushed aside as rustic and rudimentary by the inhabitants of the banks of Indus where it originated.

The “Throne” perpetrated in to the souls of “Bharatas” through memes, flushing out the stone aged Vedic dialects and customs, and planting, superimposing the “English” in vernacular and culture of the diaspora south of Himalayas

We, the “Bharatas”, took refuge in the “polished and mannered” language of the evolved colonialists to “progress”, shunning the Deva Bhasha.

And Alas! These Europeans found it fascinating to learn, practice and put to use(for their advantage) what we rejected and obliterated with sheer hard work and imported wisdom. (How uncultured and vintage ridden it can get..oops)

How funny  these guys, The Europeans, are to call their mother “maathey” and not mummy (Egyptians appear to have forgotten their history…)which is, as we say

The “progressive”(the western), thus, progressed in progressing their agenda with catchy and glamorous phonetics(borrowed from host of dialects around the world) to prove to the simple Indians that they are perched a level above them.

 To equalize and in an attempt to meet the eye of the fairer, the Indians(masters) thought they must compete with the
“learned” ( say learners, may be) to master the Foreign language in progressive spirit.

Thus we shifted to a different savoury by twisting our tongues and our friends of foreign lands sweetened theirs by the nectar called “Sanskrit”