Glittered Folio
The glittered folio draped in crafty italics etched the identity of many a nonentity into the 500s of fortune. Though identical in material of manufacture, the italics and designs on the folio define the start point and the pedestal on which the “nobody” or “somebody” is tucked in with or without an impressive “body”.
Numbers scribbled with great precision, in black though,  on the leaf, aid to grade your stardom and propel the “bodies” to fast lane to amass “coloured papers” .
The journey of “nobody” into that jazzy arena of “somebody” is thus mired and wired on “paper” planes.
The vitals possessed by the “bodies” add just weight to mother Earth which drastically shifts gear towards “value addition”, with that amazing”folio” in one’s name.
With quite a few papers missing and misplaced, losing that emphatic entry into, least to say, multitude of such 500 clubs , I file my “papers” in favour of “grey matter” vaguely legible in this world of “black print folios”